Countertop Dry Flash Chilling Dispensers

Your friends at Tap Your Keg offer the best dry cooling and dispensing technology for delivering beer, wine, coffee and cider chilled to your choice of temperatures one glass at a time. Lindr Cooling and Dispensing Systems are made with the highest quality materials and manufactured by an innovative and visionary company. Each Dry Cooling Dispenser model features the famous instant cooling technology wrapped in attractive and easy to clean stainless steel styling perfect for your kitchen, commercial location or anywhere else with an electric plug-in. Handles built into the top of each unit make moving when needed much easier.

Order from the Beer Dispenser section if the dispenser is only going to be used for dispensing beer. Beer Dispensers are equipped with chrome taps and are  strictly beer use only.
Order from the Wine, coffee & Cider Dispenser section if you will be using the cooler to dispense wine, cider, coffee or beer. Wine, coffee & Cider Dispensers are equipped with stainless steel taps which can be used for tapping wine, cider, coffee or beer.