Replace your kegerator or jockey box with a Lindr® Easy Tap System from Tap Your Keg LLC the official North American Distributor for Lindr Easy Tap Systems! It allows you to have cold beer and beverages in minutes with an easy to connect, compact, energy efficent dispenser. The keg does not go inside the cooler.. so it will work with any size, type or amount of kegs, and doesn't run electricity constantly, which saves you money. With this Easy Tap System, you simply hook up, plug in, and you'll be enjoying cold beer in minutes. It has instant on-demand internal cooling and compression, with adjustable cooling temperatures 37.5° to 50° F. Without all the bulky-ness of a kegerator or jockeybox full of ice! We are excited to be able to make this instant cooling Beer Dispenser / Wine Dispenser / Cider Dispenser / Coldbrew Coffee Dispenser available for your counter. There are several Lindr® models to choose from that are tough and durable for commercial use and stylish for in-home use. All are affordable, cost less to operate than any other refrigerated beverage tap delivery solution, including kegerators and jockey boxes. Enjoy the superior taste of draft brew in your home or served to your customers at your business with Lindr® high quality cooling and dispensing systems.

  • Smaller, cleaner and easier to use than a "jockey box" filled with melting ice.
  • Takes less space and delivers instant cold beer unlike a bulky and noisy kegerator.
  • Leave the hand pump behind, it's not needed any more.
  • Works great with or without CO2.
  • Easier to take home and set up when rented with kegs from breweries and bars.
  • Enjoy your beer and other beverages more, knowing you are using the most environmentally friendly system.
  • Don't be restricted to only small kegs. Now you can connect to any size you want.
  • Tap wine, cider, coldbrew coffee, soda and more at each drinker's preferred temperature.


You have probably already seen or heard of on-demand hot water delivery systems. They provide hot water by immediately heating it as you need it. Now imagine that for your beer dispenser! Unlike a bulky kegerator or jockey box the Lindr® systems instant cooling technology provides cold beverages on-demand. This means:

  • No need to wait to enjoy your favorite beverage at the perfect temperature
  • No need to keep your kegs constantly cold
  • No waiting for beer to chill.
  • Small, compact, much less energy used and easily transportable
  • No ice needed! Replaces Jockey Boxes and Kegerator units!
  • Works with cider,coldbrew coffee and soda, and can dispense all three from one unit

Connect your keg to your Lindr® instant cooling beverage dispenser and within minutes you are tapping cold draft beer (or... wine, cider, coldbrew coffee, or soda) at any desired temperature! You can adjust the temperature control for each glass from an icy cold 37.5° F to a cellar temperature of 50° F. Unlike a kegerator , Lindr® Systems compact instant cooling beverage dispenser can be used anywhere.


  • breweries
  • restaurants
  • beer festivals
  • beer gardens
  • catered events
  • man caves
  • homes
  • RV's
  • boats
  • camping

These high quality Beverage coolers & Beer (Or other beverages) dispensers repay your investment within months, saving you money in terms of conventional methods of purchasing and keeping beer on tap, cider on tap, soda on tap, coldbrew coffee on tap and wine on tap stocked and cold while providing your favorite beverages perfectly.

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